Keith Rarick

Projects I Want

Some software I’d love to see get made, but that I don’t have time to write myself.

CouchDB URL Wrapper

CouchDB’s interface is almost good enough to expose directly to the public, but its URLs are ugly and crufty. See “URL as UI” and “Cool URIs don’t change” for some philosophy.

I’d like to see a thin wrapper that lets you design arbitrary clean URLs for CouchDB. It needn’t do anything else.

Face Detection in Javascript

When I upload photos to Facebook, why to I have to locate the faces by hand? Why doesn’t Facebook do it for me? Javascript (in modern browsers) is now fast enough to do real face detection.

Many other web sites could benefit from this, too. There should be a free, high-quality Javascript library for face detection. At you can find papers describing a pretty good algorithm.

Face Recognition in Javascript

As an extension of the above, try to identify the people whose faces have been detected. Recognition is less generally-applicable than detection, but certainly Facebook-like sites can benefit from this. They could completely automate the process of tagging photos. Leave humans to identify the missing faces and false matches.

Doctest-Style Tool for Network Protocols

I think doctest is pretty nice. I want a tool much like doctest, but for network conversations rather than python interpreter conversations.

So you could write something like:

>>> GET / HTTP/1.1
>>> Server: localhost
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-type: text/plain
Content-Length: 6


and this tool will check that your new web server is working.